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Oakland Sports Center

UC Berkeley

Integrated Studio

Fall 2020

Collaboration with Jaime Yin Ching Chan

Located in the industrial West Oakland, the current outdoor skate park is segregated from the surrounding urban fabric. This project aims to reconnect the existing skatepark with the community, serving as a hub for both sports enthusiasts and residents nearby. To achieve this, connection is created both within the building and with the existing site through tripartite spatial organization and material transparency. Future expansion of the skating space is also imagined in the adjacent warehouse. 

The structural language is informed by the existing warehouse, with the language of wide-flange steel beams and columns being carried into the proposed building. Circulation is concentrated in this central structural system with 4 moment frames. These rigid moment frames liberate the space on the west side, allowing it to be a wide open space. With this, we create contrast in tectonics through the use of thin and light k-joist truss and much thinner wide-flange columns on the west side.

The programs are organized into 4 sections based on the tripartite division of structure: the sports area, the circulation core in the middle which also acts as sound buffer zone, administrative programs in the warehouse and the outdoor flexible warehouse space. This arrangement takes ventilation, noise and wind coming from the west into consideration. 

Shadow Study: 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm

201208_203_SP1 [Converted]2.png

Mechanical System

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