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Knot Bridge

UC Berkeley

Structural Design & Analysis

Spring 2020

Collaboration with Sinae Jung

The Knot Bridge is an addition to the existing Bay Trail pedestrian bridge in Berkeley, connecting West Berkeley with the Marina area.

Taking cue from the form of the existing bridgem, the Knot Bridge consists of 3 sections: butterfly arch bridge, two tied-arch bridges with separate pedestrian and bicycle paths. The paths converge and diverge at different nodes and elevation, creating a variety of visual conditions as one walks or bikes through the bridge.

Bike and pedestrian lane converge and diverge at different sections

Structural Analysis is performed on SAP2000 by assigning dead load and live load along the bridge. The initial deformation on the butterfly bridge was extreme, prompting us to alter the the sectional properties to concrete-filled HSS around the crown of the arch.

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